Nuvem Cloud Solutions is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting company. We help our clients of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications in the cloud. From clients looking to migrate IT resources to the cloud to clients looking to create cloud-native applications, we have the expertise to guide them through the strategy, planning, execution, and all aspects of the full lifecycle to meet their goals.

Nuvem Cloud Solutions: AWS Application Migration

AWS Application Migration

We work with you to utilize our expertise in all the AWS services and migration strategies to develop a migration strategy for your applications and then migrate or integrate your current applications into the AWS ecosystem.

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Nuvem Cloud Solutions: AWS Application Development

AWS Application Development

We will design, develop, and deliver your cloud-native applications in AWS which fully utilizes the advantages of the cloud computing model and are built using the concepts and tooling of Agile, DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices, and containers.

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Nuvem Cloud Solutions: AWS Automation & DevOps

AWS Automation & DevOps

We will apply our a customized and reliable CI/CD methodology that results in automated, agile delivery pipelines for your infrastructure stack and applications to accelerate your products, services, and features to market.

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Nuvem Cloud Solutions: AWS Audits

AWS Audits

We will provide a comprehensive, expert AWS audit of your account(s) or just select services. We offer audits that are highly structured, or focused around a specific business need in AWS. Audit topic areas include: security, identity, compliance, management tools, networking and content delivery, compute, storage, databases, and others.

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Nuvem Cloud Solutions: AWS Solutions Architecture

AWS Solutions Architecture

We will transform the way your business leverages technology with AWS solutions architecture. Leverage our expertise in AWS service offerings to solve your current problems along with being ready for the next challenge.

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Nuvem Cloud Solutions: AWS Networking

AWS Networking

We will apply our AWS networking expertise to design, develop, and provide production support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) design, content delivery networks (CDN), load balancers, DNS, multi-regional architectures, and direct connects.

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